Friday, April 21, 2017

Marathon Design Group - Newsletter April 2017 - Budman - Fort Worth Texas - Web Design - Illustration - Digitoon - #1

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  Marathon Design Group - Newsletter - April 2017 - Budman  
Marathon Design Group
You Tried it This Way and Then You Headed in a Different Direction
“Somebody” Suggested You Try This New Theory That Was Posted on the Internet...
You’re completely baffled and you just don’t know which way to go? You really do know your business but you’re not sure what your strategy should be to sell it to the general public We’d like to remind you that Marathon Design Group is an affordable source for any type of  graphic materials, be they sophisticated or whimsical. MDG can do it all. Graphic design, advertising art, animation and website production are areas in which we excel. We’ll develop a concept, create the graphics and produce the final product for you. Bring us your ideas, fantasies, dreams or failed projects, we will transform them into usable realities for you. Contact Marathon Design Group now if you’re eager to get started, Marathon Design Group is here to get the job done for you!
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